1976 Datsun 280Z                                        

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1976 Datsun 280Z.
The Second year the 280Z was introduced.
I wanted to keep it in factory condition.
BUT.... Had to put a sweet sound system in her.

My first experience with this car was that my best friend had bought one in the mid 90s and let me drive it, it was one of the best driving cars Id ever driven. I owned an 82 Celica and came across this man with a 76 280Z that was willing to trade even for the Celica, this is where dream started. I rebuilt the motor because it was using too much oil. Less than a year after, I was not paying attention to my gages and it ran hot warping and cracking the head.  The same friend heard of a 75 for sale, I ended up giving $200.00 for the whole car. I used only the head to get the 76 back on the road. The car was being stored at my sisters, in late 96 she was selling her house and the car had to be moved. I was going to strip the car and keep parts off of it. The car looked better the more it got stripped, so I decided to restore it. This project started in 1997. I got a few parts that are hard to find and were in good shape that are not available new. I did a complete strip down of this frame to nothing but a shell. I did a complete stripping of the paint by having the entire hull bead blasted, and found no rust anywhere.  Between a 76 and this 75 I managed to get one complete car out of them. All the metal from the windshield forward was Nissan replacements. I didn't cut many corners, I rebuilt the entire suspension with NISMO racing struts and springs with urethane bushings and used all new brakes with stainless steel brake lines. I've redone the interior completely to original and got a brand new dash installed. I've completely rebuilt the engine and it is 95% original stock except for the exhaust headers (3 into 1), 60mm throttle body and a true cold air intake. It took 2nd place as a daily driver in its first Z car show in 2003. I ended up doing the motor again really nice in early 2006 and then It got wrecked in Oct 2006. It was T boned and bent like a banana. This was not a good day, but was an incentive to do a few thing I didnt do the first time. So I found another 76 in Alabama for $300, no rust was the most important thing to me and not ever wrecked. I got it home and stripped it completely down, sent to the bead blaster and had it totally cleaned. While it was at the body shop getting smoothed up and painted, I had all of the suspension black power coated, it turned out really nice. Had every nut, bolt and washer yellow zinc dichromate plated (yellow), it should be pretty close to better than original. Ive upgraded the rear brakes to disc and the front were upgrade to a 4 piston caliper and painted all 4 calipers silver. The driveshaft has been renewed along the transmission and rear end completely rebuilt.       

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7th Annual Z Nationals

Listed Specifications


Trophies Won...

2003 - Georgia Z Car Show - 2nd Place in Daily Driver.

2005 - Honorable Mention @ Spout Spring Elementary Schoool.

2007 - 2nd In Top 5 and Best Engine @ Atlanta Brewing Company.

2008 - 1st place 7089 Z Stock @ Z Nationals Car Show.

2008 - 1st Place @ Car Show For Charity.

2010 - 1st Place 7089 Stock @ Z Nationals Car Show.

2010 - 1st Place 7089 Peoples Choice @ Z Nationals Car Show.

2010 - People Choice Crowd Favorite @ Z Nationals Car Show.

2011 - 2nd Place 70-89 Stock @ Z Nationals Car Show.

Anyone with any parts info or any questions you may have on one. Please feel free to e-mail me.


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